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Top 10 finalist for 2012 Polari First Book Prize

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LGBT History Month. August 18th, 2011

Rory’s Boys, by Alan Clark


An excellent novel that humorously explores the implications of age for gay men. Basically, a rich gay orphan gets told he looks old by a would-be one night stand, inherits his fascist granny’s mansion and turns it into an old people’s home for gay men. Lots of tales, adventures, support, love and comic moments make this a thoroughly readable and enjoyable novel.
One particularly funny scene is when the home is on fire and the prim and proper matron goes down onto Hampstead Heath and fetches all the cruising lads to come up to the house and help.
This is one of those novels that you want to read again and again. Buy it! Read it and love it!


Listen to the first three chapters (may need Windows Media Player or QuickTime)